Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Object Acquisition # 77-28.2.66 Drug Kit

Documenting objects from The Hunt Show:

Object Acquisition # 77-28.2.66 Drug Kit
Object interpreted and Statement by:
Derek Faust

Using my designated object, a late 19th century traveling doctor’s medicine kit, I created “graduated cylinder” using acrylic, mylar and uhmf plastics. I used the shape of the vials filled with various chemicals and remedies to inspire my material choices. Also housed in the kit was a variety of scratch papers, when folded these acted as containers for the doses of powdered medicines to be taken by a patient. 

My process began by investigating the visual and conceptual elements of the object. Then I worked with this element through a minimalist and formal approach using materials that resonated with the original but in a contemporary context.  I created “graduated cylinder” so that without the original object or context the work would read as a simple gesture, an exploration in an arrangement of materials, whilst within the context the piece begins to reveal the language of the tubes and vials of medicines from the doctor’s kit.

Curators Note: This is a great reminder for myself... the more you take away the better and more wonderful it can be....

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