Monday, January 23, 2012

Surreal Salon IV Exhibition


Presented by Baton Rouge Gallery center for contemporary art
 (BRGCCA), Surreal Salon IV is aimed at engaging audiences in a multi-sensory art experience and shedding light on the growing popularity and exceptional quality of the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement. This exciting and irreverent movement has come to the forefront of American contemporary art in recent years and Surreal Salon IV will celebrate all the reasons why.

This exhibition will be held from January 3 – 26, 2012 at BRGCCA. The exhibition will feature over 60 works by 54 artists representing 21 different states. This multi-discipline show will include everything from paintings to sculptures, video art to photography and more.

"Seeing by Skull Light"
is my work included in this exhibition.

Venez Par!

Thank you to Special Guest Juror artist Casey Weldon
and to the Baton Rouge Gallery

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Art of Communication – 100 Artist Show

"The Theory of Forms"

The Art of Communication – 100 Artist Show

Artist Reception: February 1, 5-7pm

February 1-March 3rd

During the month of February, the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery will be presenting “The Art of Communication”, the 10th annual 100 Artists show. Participating artists received a blank letter through the mail and were asked to write a thought, a story, a description or whatever they so choose and then send to their “partnered” artist. That artist then interprets the writings that were sent to them and then used the writings as their starting point for their own artwork. The completed maximum size will be 12″ x 12”.

My artist statement for this image:

"The Theory of Forms"

I was very excited when I received my letter so I took my time to slowly look over all the elements of it. The first inspiration was on the back of the envelope where I found the number 85 printed twice once right side up and then right next to it again upside down. I began thinking about duality and it grew as I read Betsy's letter. I was imagining her writing in the past while I was reading. She had asked several questions which sent me researching while also thinking if she had already found the answers. I enjoyed playing with the dichotomy from this simple letter. The idea that as distinct and immaterial substances of this object (a letter)and phenomena (the words on the page that carried ideas and questions) that we perceive in the world are nothing more than mere shadows.

My pen pal is Betsy Moore
Awesome artist and penpal!
Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

Hope you can drop in!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Friday Artwalk: Fri. Jan. 6, 5:30 - 8:00 @ the Jacobs Gallery

I'll be @ the First Friday Artwalk
Fri. Jan. 6, 5:30 - 8:00


The Jacobs Gallery
for the
Small Pleasures Invitational 2011

The Gallery is in the lower level of the 
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Located between 

7th Ave & Willamette Street, Eugene OR

Gallery Hours:
Tues - Fri, 12 - 4pm
Sat. 11am - 3pm

Come by if you can!

Object Acquisition # 77-108.1.33 Cautery Transformer

Documenting objects from The Hunt Show:

Object Acquisition # 77-108.1.33 Cautery Transformer
Object interpreted and Statement by: Isaac Yoder


The cautery transformer I had picked at random was manufactured in 1928 by The Wappler Electric Company during the tail end of the Comstock laws. At the time public opinion and federal law made it impossible for physicians to disseminate any information regarding contraceptive or reproductive health. The electrical device was used by a local obstetrician for cervical and surgical cauterization. Looking at the object, I was instantly reminded of the wood burning kit my older sister had given me one year as a birthday gift.

Veil, is a series wood burning based off of a selection of historical painting depicting the annunciation; The annunciation is the point at which the angel Gabriel appears to Mary and informs her she will conceive and give birth. Annunciation paintings are accompanied by a criteria of symbolism, all geared at informing the viewer of Mary's pure nature. the original paintings(and source material for my work) dating back from 1436 up onto 1712 were created during the wide spread witch hunts of Western Europe, in an age where seeking out information regarding one's reproductive health was criminalized. Midwives, who had originally been the source of information pertaining to birth control, were labeled witches, hunted down and executed.

I chose to focus solely on Mary's face - all of Mary's faces, at the most critical moment of her life. I wanted to show who she was -- not what she was. I delineated the planes and values of each face as if they were parts of a map, or the wavy lines of a cat scan, to present this historical figure in a contemporary context.

Curator's Note:
I think it is amazing how history comes back on itself... People today are still fighting for reproductive health rights to remain safe and available yet people are quick to burn the witch or critique the single mother. Amazing work!