Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hoffman Gallery Write up in

The Hoffman Gallery is the place where "the hunt" will be shown...
There are amazing shows each month.
Next time your in pdx please stop by.

This is a resent write up with a little background information
 on the location from

Found my way..


24" x 36" Heavy Weight Paper
Mixed Media Collage

Found myself in the studio the other day... Whew..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

OHSU Historical Collections & Archives agrees to "the hunt"...

It is with great pleasure I announce that 
Archivist Sara Piasecki & Karen Peterson 
of the OHSU Historical Collections & Archives 
have agreed whole heartily to helping and allowing 
my fellow artist and myself to the material to 
inspire "the scavenger hunt."
 This is an amazing opportunity for all. 

This treasure filled collection will be gently “hunted” and recontextualized for the modern viewer. I will send a group of artist including myself on a structured “scavenger hunt” in the OHSU collection. The item “found” will then be interpreted, inspire, be recreated and any other number of possibilities into the creation of new pieces (without any harm done to the item “found”) in hope of creating a new “solution.” It will be a great opportunity for artist and viewers to reflect on the importance of these collections.
Now to pull the artists together... 
I'll keep you updated on events as they transpire.

I want to thank OHSU & Sara & Karen for 
their part in making this idea a reality.  
Please support these archives in anyway you can. 

Their current exhibit is until September:

Beautiful Gross Anatomy
Clarice Ashworth Francone
Medical Illustrator

Her glasses are just awesome... not to mention her work.

This is the link:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Work Accepted into the Autumn Bailliwik

Bailliwik is the Middle English spelling of the word 
bailiwick – n. an area of activity in which somebody has
particular responsibility, or in which he or she has 
specialized knowledge or ability. 

Bailliwik is an organization of artists whose purpose is to create a periodic 
publication of their work with an online showing.

Thank you Surabhi & Rob for including 
Shadowlands & Seeing by Skull Light 
in the 08 - Autumn 10 issue.