Monday, January 24, 2011

The Voyeur Show Pics!

Mural on outside

The Voyeur Presents

Books 2...

- Mixed Media Collage printed on Kitakata paper 7" x 11"-

L to R Bess, Apple of Discord, Missing Bird, 
Leaping Formidable Rapids

L to R A Grateful Heart, Leaping Formidable Rapids, 

-Luck Altar-
takes some or leave some

Me & Mo

Thank you for supporting ARt!! Call this one SOLD...

Special thanks to Mo Bowen owner of The Voyeur
and everyone who came out to support the show 

Moved the Studio Shack

Sorry for the infrequent posts... 
we pulled up steaks and moved the shack...

web page stays the same but a new physical address:

79516 Fire Road,
Lorane OR 97451
United States

Write when you can...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Years 2011!

"Then Jesus Showed Up"... Framed 11"x14" $75.00

Whoa! 2011 shouldn't we be driving around in space ships....