Monday, November 14, 2011

Chandler & Price Press Finds New Home With an Unlikely Mate

This is the new press for Robin Press Studio.
This Chandler & Price is from 1889 and is 112 years old.

My sister, Carey, has dubbed him Johnny Tremain.
He needs a little cleaning up, new rollers and a treadle.

In the novel Johnny Tremain, it concludes 
on a note of hopefulness for the future. 
Although the beginning of the war 
has wrought great death and destruction, 
American Patriots have defeated the 
British army and surrounded Boston, 
a doctor will have mended Johnny's hand, 
and Cilla and Johnny have exchanged their first kiss.

Johnny recieved a nod from the older(?) printer 
Obie - the Epson 9900 I purchased last year.
I think they will be fine mates and 
am eager for them to play together.

Obie is the artificial intelligence with the ability to alter local regions of realityin Jack LChalker's Well World series (1977)

Time to get to work!

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