Monday, May 30, 2016

You're invited to the 14th around Oregon annual!

Come and listen to artists speak about their work in the 14th Around Oregon Annual Artist Reception
June 16, Thursday, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for the 14th Around Oregon Annual Brown Bag Artist Talk on

June 9, Thursday, 12:00 noon-1:00 pm

Come see my piece called "May Queen"


The Arts Center
700 SW Madison Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333
Gallery Hours: 12 - 5 pm Tuesday - Saturday

Is there a distinct “Oregon Style?” The Around Oregon Annual exhibition is an opportunity to find out.
The 14th Around Oregon Annual juried exhibition, showcases the artwork of artists from around our state. The exhibition is hosted by The Arts Center to allow local residents to see new artists, and is an opportunity for artists to show their work to a new audience. The exhibition is June 2 – July 9, 2016. There is a Brown Bag Art Talk, Thursday June 9, 12 noon, and a Corvallis Art Walk and Artist Reception, Thursday June 16, 4 – 8 pm. The reception for the Around Oregon Annual is a chance to engage in lively conversations about art. Many artists come to view the work in the gallery, meet the juror, and see who receives the cash awards.
The Around Oregon Annual stays fresh with a different sensibility every year. Each year a new juror is invited from outside of our immediate community, who brings his or her distinct awareness of artists from other parts of the state. This year, The Arts Center invited John Olbrantz, the Maribeth Collins Director of the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem to jury the show. His fields of expertise are Ancient Roman and Contemporary American art. Over the years, Olbrantz has organized over 100 exhibitions and juried over 40 art competitions on the West Coast, lectured extensively and published in the fields of ancient and contemporary art. He is the Chair of the Salem Public Art Commission. Some of his recent exhibits at the Hallie Ford Museum are Sherrie Wolf Objects Lessons and A Contemporary Bestiary.
For the 14th Around Oregon Annual, Olbrantz selected 42 works by 42 artists that showcase a variety of different mediums, styles, and approaches. To arrive at his selections, he asked himself: Does the artist have a thorough mastery of their materials and techniques? Are they pushing the boundaries of the medium to create new and exciting work? Does their work make me laugh? Cry? Think outside the box? Challenge my notions about art and ideas? Overall, Olbrantz was deeply impressed with both the quality and diversity of art made in our state, not just in Portland, Salem and Eugene, but in towns like Florence, Lorane, Jacksonville, Mt. Angel and, of course, Corvallis.
This exhibit received generous sponsorship support from the Steele Family Fund of The Arts Center’s Endowment Fund.
The juried exhibitors come from many places around the state of Oregon. Listed below, leading with location, are this year's list of talented artists:
  • Jennifer Gimzewski            Hope
  • Diane Archer                       The Encouragement of Light
  • Karen Debra Messer           Cats by Clothesline
  • Bob Keefer                          Blowdown 2016
  • Jon Anthony Thomson        Twin Stones
  • Chi Meredith                        Infusion
  • Dava Behrens                      Cathedral at Florence
  • Clint Brown                          A Mixed Reception
  • Beth Barnett                        Parking Garage No. 5
  • Rebecca Arthur                    Spiral Galaxy
  • Herman Krieger                   Sitting Room
  • Mike Walsh                          Indus India Series
  • Elizabeth Magee                  The Light is Pale Yellow Now
  • Beverly Soasey                    Tactile Forces No. 3
  • Rebecca Mannheimer         The Unexpected Begins to Emerge
  • Nancy Pobanz                      Rough Legged Hawk
  • Diane English                       The Neighbors
  • Sara Ciampa                        Precipice
  • Bets Cole                              Beauty of Umpqua
  • Karen Russo                         La Primavera
  • Stephanie Ames                  Singularity
  • Brooke Nuckles Gentekos    Shield
  • Beth I Robinson                      May Queen
Mt Angel:
  • Deborah Unger                       Walls and Doors
  • Wes Cropper                           Dissenting Opinion
Oak Grove:
  • Deb Stoner                              Blue
  • Al Flory                                   Slocum House Viewed from the South
  • Stephan Soihl                        Revolving Chambered Plexiglas Volume
  • Tory Bryer                              Sway
  • Georgiana Nehl                     Family Tree
  • Monte Shelton                      Gateway Passage
  • Sarah Fagan                         Sunshine
  • Sally Finch                            Now and Then Summer
  • Marilyn Joyce                       Mapping The Approaching Storm
  • Ann Kresge                          Vortices 3
  • Dave Nicols                          XXX
  • Kathryn Cellerini Moore       Two Dorothy’s
  • Kathee Moore                      Engine Oil
  • Diane White                         Neskowin Beach
  • Carol Hauser                       Traversing the Interior
  • Meri Walker                         We are always inside of each other