Monday, June 8, 2015

Go Fund Me: Art for John E. Jaqua Law Library

The Stars are Not: Put Out Every One;

I am a professional artist who decided two years ago to pursue a Masters degree in conflict and dispute resolution. Through my artwork, I record emotional responses to the process of bereavement by creating collages and book structures. Accustomed to the natural way many artist reflect emotional responses through artwork, I was confused and sadden working within my cohort and mediation clients at the lack of expressed and unacknowledged loss during conflict and how this element often intrenches conflicts into deeper stalemates. I began to ask what could conflict specialists learn from artists about grief and mourning? This project specifically illustrates how some artists express grief, mourning, trauma, conflict and loss through their work. Along with my terminal paper, I have created a companion collection of original artwork that attempts to explore the creative process within this context.

At the encouragement from my thesis committee head Professor Jennifer Reynolds, I asked the John E. Law Library if they would be interested in showing the images. The Head Librarian Mary Ann Hyatt at the University of Oregon Law School was enthusiastic and motivated to show these pieces on their 3rd Floor. These images were created to fit the 3rd floor specifically. These works have been welcomed and well received by student, faculty and staff. Mary Ann Hyatt hopes to find additional support to match the funds we raise here. I have created a go fund me project to collect half the cost so the collection can remain with the library. The funds collected will purchase the images and support my art practice and studio Robin Press.

My plans for the funds from the purchase of these images include repairing a chandler and Price Letterpress printing press from around 1889. This is a link to the Chandler & Price Press at Robin Press Studio. I will purchase new ink and paper to prepare for my next show in Bend, Oregon. also, this summer these funds will support me to be able to teach some of my cohort members from law school in creating their own modified "artist" practices. Not to mention a free art class with supplies for the local kids in my neighborhood. Thank you for supporting art!

This is the link to the go fund me: Art 4 Jaqua Law Lib

Here is what some of the funders are saying about this project:

I love this work! Thank you Beth!

This is such a great body of work - I would love to see it kept all together!

You're amazing!!

Thank you for your inspiring artwork!

With wholehearted support I want to see this collection remain in the Library for a long time to come so everyone who wanders by can take it in and process in their own way and in their own time. art is a powerful venue and Beth is the real deal!

So excited to help your art be a permanent installation of the law library; a benchmark in so many ways!

Beth, your work not only enhances the space but serves as a great example of how conflict resolution transcends the disciplines and how creative our students are. I hope we get to keep the collection - if we do I'll plan to add it to our Law Center tour.