Sunday, April 22, 2012

The "Books as Art" exhibition at the Cannon Beach Gallery

Dear Gentle Reader,

I am really excited about this show... First of all I will be reunited with a an old college buddy, Ms. Linda Piacentini-Yaple. Who is not only a wonderful book sculptor and creator but a really cool person and friend. It is a true honor to share a space with her. I hope you will enjoy the conversation about what books can be and I look forward to see you at Cannon Beach for the opening.

All the Best,


P.s. write when you can...

For Immediate Release:

Plans for Spring Unveiling Weekend (May 4, 5, and 6, 2012) are afoot in Cannon Beach!

The Cannon Beach Gallery is pleased to be hosting a dynamic exhibition, "Books as Arts", featuring two highly regarded Oregon artists, Linda Piacentini-Yaple and Beth I. Robinson. In addition, dozens of regional artists will be presenting their version of an altered book. The exhibition promises to be a fascinating collection of contemporary art work which explores the book as a medium in itself.

Book artist, Linda Piacentini-Yaple, creates books sculptures that tell stories about our past and present and reveal glimpses of possible futures. Piacentini-Yaple sees her work as a means of encouraging a dialogue, sometimes about uncomfortable moments in our history as a people or in our individual families. They are both engineering feats and little worlds that are sure to amaze viewers.

“The book artist interprets nature and music, decodes thoughts and ideas, clarifies questions, and illustrates answers. An artist book is the big picture-- and the smallest of its details,” Piacentini-Yaple explains. 

Linda Piacentini-Yaple "Made in Italy"

Linda Piacentini-Yaple

Linda Piacentini-Yaple

Linda Piacentini-Yaple "The Cost"

Linda Piacentini-Yaple "Folksinger"

Linda Piacentini-Yaple "Museum of the Letter"

Linda Piacentini-Yaple "Zazen"

P.s. Linda's work is thought provoking, vivid 
and questions what a book can be... BiR

Beth I. Robinson is the proprietor for Robin Press. She is a book based artist who often utilizes letterpress printing techniques, silkscreen, collage, box making, digital drawing and imaging. Her work deals with the concepts of wonder, loss, transcendence, synesthesia and the book. This show will be featuring mostly the "broadsides" from her work.

The Day I Wore Invisible socks

Leaping Formidable Rapids


The Theory of Forms



The gallery will also be displaying imaginative reinventions of the book in the altered book segment of the show in which regional artists took discarded volumes and created new pieces of artwork from them. Some of the artists who are participating in this segment of the show include Allyn Cantor, a former recipient of the Cannon Beach Arts Associations Individual Artist grant; calligrapher Marilyn Rooper; and contemporary painter, Roger Hayes.

The "Books as Art" Exhibit opens on Friday May 4
Artist Talk with Linda and Beth on Saturday, May 5 at 11 am
Artist Reception Saturday, May 5 from 6-8 pm

On Sunday, May 6, from 10am-12pm there 
will be a jeweler’s showcase with artist 

The "Books as Art" Show will also have a 
piece installed at:

This is a reeeeeaaallly great browsers books store... BiR

Thank you's go to author 
Terry Brooks and his wife, Judine 
for sponsoring for this show.

P.s. His books are Awesome... just sayin... BiR

And to the Cannon Beach Gallery for supporting Art

(The Cannon Beach Gallery began an exhibit underwriter program in 2012 to off-set the expenses of running the not for profit gallery, which is in itself a program of the Cannon Beach Arts Association. Maybe the next sponsor could be you.)

Cottage Grove First Artwalk of the season

Forgot to Feed the Cat Again!

Hope you can meet me @ the 
Axe and Fiddle
for a beer & art
on April 27 from 6-8...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I just want to wish you a great Easter... 
& I wasn't able to post for 
St. Pat's due to an amazing snow storm
where the Robinson Ranch was knocked out 
of power for 5 amazing pioneer woman days.
You know that kinda work... 
the work that makes you all 
warm inside no matter the cold outside.

So here's to a lucky spring!

and write when you can...

P.S. Don't forget your Easter Bonnet!
This is mine!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shows up @ the Axe & Fiddle, Cottage Grove Or

I love sharing with you my favorite places... 
The Axe & Fiddle Public House in Cottage Grove is one...

Axe & Fiddle

This last year I have been showing a lot closer to home and have enjoyed meeting so many great local folks... 
This place has big walls so big work... 

A Tail Part 2

This show is only up for a month 
so please take a moment to check it out... 
if you want to leisurely read the paper 
while you eat an amazing breakfast 
and listen to some wonderful music while drinking a Stella, 
or dance your gals feet off... 
the Axe is the place...

I do believe the Cottage Grove Artwalk 
begins the last Friday of the April ...
Hope to see you there...

Not mention their list 
of amazing Miro Brews

Be sure to check The Axe's Show Schedule
cause awesome bands are always stopping here on 
their way through to other places...

I'll post some more photos of the show 
soon for folks far and away... 

P.S Thank you to Bart for being
 there at the right moment!