Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Voyeur & I Get Some Lovely Press!

The is the exterior view of the Voyeur Gallery....
We made the front page of the of The Register Guard Art Section...
I can not tell you how pleased I have been to show here and work 
with the Voyeur's amazing curator and owner Mo Bowen.
 What an lovely month and homecoming to Eugene!

Santa Came!

Wishing you a Merry & Bright Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are full of thankfulness and turkey...
Hope 2 see you @ the opening on Friday the 26th... Starts @ 5:30

Thursday, October 28, 2010

" Boundaries Between” a solo exhibition

A page from the book "A Tail"

@ The Voyeur Gallery, 
547 Blair St. in Eugene, OR. 
In these new collages I hope to blur the 
boundaries between the real and the imaginary. 

The opening will be included in the last Friday Artwalk in the 
Whiteaker Neighborhood on November 26 from 5:30 - 9:30. 

I will give a class on the sketchbook and different 
ways to fill those empty pages on December 9th 6:00.

The artist talk is on December 17 at 6:00.
Show runs from November 26th to December 23rd

The Voyeur hours:
Tues.-Sat. noonish-9pm. 
(541) 912-7544
 To sign up for a class or check out the gallery:

Information about the last Friday Artwalk Festivities in the Whiteaker Neighborhood:

Special Thanks to Moe!

Happy All Hallows Eve!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dia de los Muertos Group Show 2010

"With Help & Consulation from the Angels of the Deep"
Mixed Media, Stonehedge Paper, 9" x 7"x 3"

This ancient holiday began as a day of thanks for the harvest. Over time, it became a time to remember the ancestors and beloved ones who have died. Once one knows death intimately, death is no longer wrapped in a cloak of mystery or a reason to fear the darkness.  Many customs and traditions have been added over the years, but for the most part, this ancient holiday is as it always was -- a time of remembrance and love.

The show features artists creating artwork to commemorate their ancestors and departed loved ones. The art ranges from whimsical, political, to painfully personal.  Reclaiming this Mexican American tradition, these artists translate it into their own personal interpretation.

Come pay your respects @ 
Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta  ◊  Portland, OR 97211
Open: Tues. 11 to 5 PM, Wed. through Sat. 11 to 6 PM, Sun 11 to 4 PM
Hope to See you @ the Last Thursday on October 28th...

Dia de los Muertos Group Show is 
curated by Stephanie Brockway.   

Special thank you to Donna & Stephanie 
for this great opportunity to show.

Also included in the show are:
Robin Bachtler Cushman
Stephanie Brockway
Tory Brokenshire
Scot Cameron-Bell
Greg Carrigan
Mar Gorman
Denise Graham
Teo Guardino
Kim Hamblin
Janet Julian
Sylvia Miller
Cynthia Mooney
Kim Murton
Tabor Porter
Darlene Schaper
Gloria Sowell
Jill Torberson
Cathie Joy Young

To see the work:

Pileated Woodpecker Spotted

My friend Bud saw a pileated woodpecker
on his wood pile yesterday...
so we waited all the rest of the day to see it again...
But to no avail...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Charles! I heart you...


Thank You!

I wanted thank all the folks who gave a hand & came out 
the other night to the Cottage Grove Last Friday.
It was lovely!

Getting Ready for Solo Show in December...

Hoping to have many birds cut out before the opening...

 In my other shows I have always wanted 
a little interaction with the audience.
I hope people will purchase these cut outs and write their wish, desire or hope on the back. Then date it. Hang it some place or pack it away to be found again next year. Some times for things to start to change all one has to do is acknowledge it by writing or saying it aloud.

 Playing with water and things...

Shy studio assistant...

Tired studio assistant...

Studio @ work... and yes those are sock mannequin legs
(I am workin on what to do with them)
Thanks for stopping by..

Monday, September 20, 2010

You're invited!

Recently returned London Springer & Book Artist, 
Beth Robinson
will show & discuss her travels in the world of book & box making.
at the Last Friday Artwalk on September 24th from 6:00 - 8:00
@ Kalapuya Books - new, used & rare
637 E Main Street, Cottage Grove
Artist talk starts at 7:00.
Refreshment will be served.
I hope to see you!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

bailliwik Issue 08 link is online!

Bailliwik is a self-published, periodical book (and website) of work made by an ever-changing roster of members from around the world. Each year since 2004, we have come together to publish and distribute ongoing projects, new pieces, and limited-edition art works. All of the work in the book, some additional material, and past issues are available for viewing this website:

Thank you  Surabhi and Rob for including me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Regional Assembly of Text

If you get a chance check out this great link:

for a store focusing on text as the theme. 
They even have a letter writing night with old school typewriters!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hoffman Gallery Write up in

The Hoffman Gallery is the place where "the hunt" will be shown...
There are amazing shows each month.
Next time your in pdx please stop by.

This is a resent write up with a little background information
 on the location from

Found my way..


24" x 36" Heavy Weight Paper
Mixed Media Collage

Found myself in the studio the other day... Whew..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

OHSU Historical Collections & Archives agrees to "the hunt"...

It is with great pleasure I announce that 
Archivist Sara Piasecki & Karen Peterson 
of the OHSU Historical Collections & Archives 
have agreed whole heartily to helping and allowing 
my fellow artist and myself to the material to 
inspire "the scavenger hunt."
 This is an amazing opportunity for all. 

This treasure filled collection will be gently “hunted” and recontextualized for the modern viewer. I will send a group of artist including myself on a structured “scavenger hunt” in the OHSU collection. The item “found” will then be interpreted, inspire, be recreated and any other number of possibilities into the creation of new pieces (without any harm done to the item “found”) in hope of creating a new “solution.” It will be a great opportunity for artist and viewers to reflect on the importance of these collections.
Now to pull the artists together... 
I'll keep you updated on events as they transpire.

I want to thank OHSU & Sara & Karen for 
their part in making this idea a reality.  
Please support these archives in anyway you can. 

Their current exhibit is until September:

Beautiful Gross Anatomy
Clarice Ashworth Francone
Medical Illustrator

Her glasses are just awesome... not to mention her work.

This is the link:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Work Accepted into the Autumn Bailliwik

Bailliwik is the Middle English spelling of the word 
bailiwick – n. an area of activity in which somebody has
particular responsibility, or in which he or she has 
specialized knowledge or ability. 

Bailliwik is an organization of artists whose purpose is to create a periodic 
publication of their work with an online showing.

Thank you Surabhi & Rob for including 
Shadowlands & Seeing by Skull Light 
in the 08 - Autumn 10 issue.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Location Secured for Scavenger Hunt Exhibition!

Do you remember as a child going on a scavenger hunt?
The challenge of looking for things with a map,
compass or trusted instinct, combined with pure exhilaration?
Then the enjoyment of the found object
while sharing the adventures tale.
I am curating a scavenger hunt with a group of artist in the
Oregon Health and Science University’s
Historical Collections & Archives.

The Hoffman Gallery on the campus of
Oregon College of Art and Craft
has given me their space for July of 2011
to exhibit the results of the hunt.
Now the planning begins...
Too exciting...
More News coming soon...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


For all who witness these simple thoughts,
I am sorry to say my mom died on April 29.
I have been slowly pulling myself together step by step.
One night she commented that she could
see a stairway in front of her bed.
Thank you for reading and still hoping for a cure for cancer here.
All the best to you gentle readers.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

News from the studio:

Goal 1. Hang with the doggies

This year I have been thinkin about what things I am hoping to do this year. The first and foremost is to find an inexpensive complete cure for cancer available to anyone who may need it. As my mother continues to fight against small cell lung cancer, my family and I keep thinking how lucky we have had an extra healthy year with her with crossed fingers for many more years.

As for the studio, I hoping to purchase some new equipment, focus in on some much covenanted show opportunities, write some grants and curate more. Oh yah, make a new body of work. Curating is number one on the list. This the proposal I'm working on. I am currently finding a venue to show & have 25 artist interested in participating:

“Scavenger Hunt”
Do you remember as a child going on a scavenger hunt? The challenge of looking for things with a map, compass or trusted instinct, combined with pure exhilaration? Then the enjoyment of the found object while sharing the adventures tale. I would like to propose a scavenger hunt with a group of artist in the Oregon Health and Science University’s Historical Collections & Archives.
In our current social and political climate there is a huge amount of discussion concerning the restart of the state of the union: the health of our nation and its people. We are all trying to come up with solutions. In my own pursuit, I began at first trying to approach it as a citizen, consumer and scholar of society. I soon realized that this was a behemoth under-taking alone. They say that history repeats itself, so I considered going on a “scavenger hunt” in the realms of history and health. In my own work, I often recontextualize ephemera and objects to create narratives reflecting personal histories and situations within the collective American Society. My main focus is to manipulate old imagery with new technology.
I remembered OHSU’s large Historical Collection and Archive embracing both history and health. Collections are a protest against forgetting our history. I contacted and meet with Sara Piasecki, the history of Medicine Librarian, and spent a large part of a day viewing the collection and learning firsthand from her. In our discussion on the current restart we reflected on healthcare, jobs and other issues that are facing Americans today.
While “hunting” through this collection a unique opportunity arose is my mind. According to Piasecki since OHSU’s inception it mostly graduates primary care physicians. These physicians have been and are on the line of fire concerning social & economic issues. Many have donated their administrative and fiscal records, board minutes and reports, books, diaries, illustrations, journals, manuscripts, memorabilia, instruments and equipment, personal and official correspondence, photographs, oral history and scrapbooks to the collection. This collection therefore combines the art of carefully transcribed information with found and created objects. Many of these donations have wear from the owners use, a human mark that someone has traveled this road before. Some examples include: As more diseases start to resist cures like the current out break of swine flu: the collection has been contacted for all its records and findings of the 1918 outbreak. Or TB, long considered cured, what do the late stage look like? They are all painstaking described, illustrated and carefully cataloged with in this collection.
And yet an interesting dichotomy was exposed during my short visit. The working collection with its former book to body connection was contending with the modern day medical student. Todays student often doesn't even touch a textbook or draw any of his experiments but downloads information to his pda while taking digital images for reference and learns from other virtual representations. This displacement of the book has also made long established medical professionals wistful for older wisdom.
This begs for attention as we as a society try to standardize our bodies and culture. This collection is a window into how far we have come in our ability to troubleshoot. From one doctors Mason belts to another receipts for services: 2 pigs taken in exchange for mending of a broken arm. This collection records the work professionally and publicly in the effort to create a better and healthier union. It also acknowledges and reinforces the wonder of the body and its differences within our culture. Of greater importance is the “hunting” and troubleshooting, the finding and responses to situations.
This treasure filled collection can be “hunted” and recontextualized for the modern viewer. This would be my first large scale attempt to “hunt” through a collection as an emerging artist. I plan to pursuit a Masters in Conservation degree, with the hope of curating shows pertaining to recontextualizing collections for modern viewers. This opportunity would help me to prepare and improve my curator skills. I will send a group of artist including myself on a “savager hunt” in the OHSU collection. The item “found” would then be interpreted, inspire, be recreated and any other number of possibilities into the creation of new pieces (without any harm done to the item “found”) in hope of creating a new “solution.” I could envision this show being as small as 14 - 17 artist yet growing to accommodate 20 - 25 with the majority.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Turn Around Here

I am at an impasse... As I have mentioned in some of my postings my mother is fighting cancer. On St. Pat's Day, we had to go to the hospital and were officially placed in hospice care. These few weeks have been some of the hardest and most rewarding of my life. She is wonderful and yet is still my mother. My work has changed to caring for her most of the time... this brings both amazing and frustrating experiences. My mom is not ready to leave this planet and is fighting with every inch of her core to stay. And I find myself a part of her revolution in beating back death to my deepest core. Her docotor said that she has surprised him through the whole process. I am beyond blown away. I guess the best part of this all is my family and friends could not be any more thoughtful and supportive.
As for the studio, I am waiting to hear if I am able to secure a location for the scavenger hunt. And I am excited to say that I will be accepting a scholarship for Penland School of Crafts. It is a bright light. I hope to sit here for a moment and then turn around...

Last Months Blue Moon

"I go out walkin'
After midnight
Out in the moonlight."
Patsy Cline

Old School Shoe

Where's that Confounded Bridge?

Coming into Coos Bay, OR

Spring has sprung

Hellebores are blooming already?

Sending Love

From me to you...