Saturday, March 30, 2013

Creepy bunny

to you and yours,

Beth @ robinpress

LOL, this was so me as a kid. 
This rabbit looks like it is going to eat her!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wishing a bit of Luck...

And a tip of the hat to my Irish roots...
with good wishes to you...

Robin Press 

Friday, March 15, 2013

GRE, MFA?, Mail art, a spring cold and the Return of the Red Rufus


Dear Art Fans,

Remember I said I would talk more about my process in the beginning of the year. Well, what can I say. I am so sorry... :O( I decided to apply for Master's programs and one required I take the GRE! Yikes! This is a test that makes all artists and creative brains shutter... Math, math, math, math and reaaallly hard math.(Check out Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk on "Do schools kill creativity") Since September, I have been preparing my essays, dripping my feet into algebra after 30 years out of high school (I'm not even sure I learned it the first time) and trying to learn how to take a standardized test for a non-standard creative has been really humbling. Especially, after such amazing shows and a FAB artists talk at the Jacob's Gallery in Eugene. I have spent many years cultivating a creative practice while taking care of the business of being an artist while working multiple part-time jobs to support it all. It is tough and it takes a lot of moxie. I hope I can keep up to the challenge because I love to make art and it is well worth it.

Lorane PO

For the Month of February many folks wanted to support small post offices in rural areas like ours here in Lorane. So, I began to send some mail art... you know make some art and send it to someone. It has been wonderful... I was always one to run down my grandmother's driveway and get her mail. Her friends always sent wonderfully addressed envelopes in well mannered script. The simple joy of getting something from someone you care about hand delivered... is always a treat.

Score: J. Peterman Manual!, 
PNCA Admissions Invite! OMG!, Mail Art!

One Night Cough Syrup from 100 years ago... 
and we think Night Q was Awesome!

I often get two colds a year... Sunday was the start of my annual Spring cold... and yesterday was my second interview with a Master program, I felt it went well stuffy nose and all. The first was with PNCA in my beloved PDX and the second a change of course is with the Conflict and Resolution Department with the University of Oregon. I am not sure which direction I will take... But I will keep you updated... it looks like an adventure is beginning.... I mean the Red Rufus Humming Bird has returned for my special moonshine nectar...  ;O) 

All the Best,


Look for more posts for "The Hunt Show"... We have a couple of artist to finish up and then some curator notes... 

Mail Art Posts... coming soon..

write when you can... and send art when you can