Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in Cannon Beach...

For the Cannon Beach Show,
 I was able to spent some time 
checking out the area and hang with friends.... 

Here is some exploits:

Haystack Rock from my room @ The Sea Breeze Court

Walking the Tide Pools

Hear the cannon's roar!

Super Moon...

Chasing the Super Moon with Maria!

My dear friend Sharon came and stayed almost the whole week with me...

OMG the crab was coming in...
But all the food was Awesome!


Opening @ Cannon Beach Gallery!

The night of the opening at 
the Cannon Beach Gallery was awesome...
Linda and I gave an artist talk in the mid afternoon
that was well attended and excellent questions.

Thank you to all who came out...

Here are some photos of the opening:

Welcome to The Cannon Beach Gallery!

Yup, you can touch the art!

Books and Broadsides!

Talking with folks about art and stuff.

Folks talking about art and stuff.

(L to R) Myself, 
Andrea Mace (director of Cannon Beach Gallery) 
& Linda Piacentini - Yaple

Nighty Nighty... 
Let's go find the Super Moon!

Special Thank you to Terry Brooks and his wife, Judine.
Janet Bland, Andrea Mace and all the Board Members 
of the Cannon Beach Gallery for making 
Linda and I feel so welcome in your space!

Extra special thanks to my buddies 
who came from far and wide to supported art!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The Full Moon is Saturday May 5, 
at 9:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time. 
This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year. 

I hope to see you between 6-8 @ the Cannon Beach Gallery 
to celebrate the opening of "Books as Art" show with 
Linda Pescio Piacentini - Yaple.

We can step outside and howl at the moon.

also, sending loving thoughts to MCA's Family.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Radio Unveiling

Hey folks,

Linda and I have been invited to the local Npr to discuss the "Books as Art" show that is opening on Saturday @ the Cannon Beach Gallery. We will be on Friday May 3rd around 2:00.

Please tune in if you can:

 NPR in Astoria

All the Best,