Friday, May 29, 2009

Tools 2 : Seeing by Skull Light

7" x 9.5" cut to image boards, stands, digital image some hand coloring

When you see things by deaths light you see the world in its truest form.... 

This is based on a folk tale about a girl named Vasalisa 

and her journey back from the dark forest 

where she was sent to die by her step mother and sisters. 

This image is the moment on the journey she almost

 throws the skull away but it reassures her.

"Don't throw me away. Keep me. You'll see."

Seeing things by skull light is not forgiving: 

the old are elderly; the beautiful, lush; 

the silly, foolish; the unfaithful are infidels... 

yet things that are amazing become miracles. 

She is thinking of the pain it causes 

to know about self, 

others and 

the nature of the world.

see also posting from 1/20/09

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