Friday, May 29, 2009

History: Only in a dream...

3.5" x 4" book board, tin type like process on glass, feather

The first image is looking back on history.
There is a widespread and ancient belief after death, 

the soul leaves the body in the form of a bird. 

Many religions have heavenly beings or spirits with wings: 

angels, cherubs or seraphim for example. 

Consequently the bird is a symbol of the spirit. 

Birds can be mediators between gods and men, 

and even act as vehicles for the gods. 

Birds are seen in myths involving a Tree of Life, 

and are sometimes depicted fighting 

with or carrying a serpent, symbolizing the uneasy

 balance between the sun (as bird) and the waters (as serpent).

 And of course this comes from our own agricultural beginnings. 

In most religious art the subject boils down to 

the struggle between good and evil.  

This piece symbolis how history handled good and evil 

by the use of the mediator.

 I think in the last sereval years the 

appreciation of the mediator was lost. 

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