Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Immediate Release

Where Do We Go From Here?

This June at Sideshow Gallery Portland, four artists come together to present work based on a common interest in working with materials and concepts at hand. Together they are questioning life, taking stock in their surroundings, and forging ahead with a combination of both camaraderie and bootstrap ethic.

Tracy Taylor Nehrling is a Portland – based fibers artist and painter. Her weavings are colorful and contemplative. “Weaving acts as a metaphor for slowing down and being in the present moment.  The majority of decisions are made in this moment, creating spontaneous works based on trust and intuition.”  Beth Robinson is a book artist and storyteller. Her visual metaphors have a playful poignancy. “I have felt that many where disheartened by the actions of the pervious administration, causing a questioning of our personal and national culture and identity. The title "where do we go from here?" inspired me to create a small collection of realizations and tools to move forward. “ Working in tandem, Brianna Cross and Cyan Bott are cooking up a site specific installation. “The contents of the home, re-contextualized, for your viewing pleasure- and the constant irrational juxtaposition of things in the urban environment”

June 4th- June 14th  Hours 1-5

Opening June 4th, 2009 6-8 pm.

Beth Robinson will give an artist talk on June 12th @ 6 pm.

Everett Station Lofts

625 NW Everett Street, #106

Portland, Oregon 97209  

Hope to see you...

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