Friday, September 14, 2012

Object Acquisition # 77-131.2.5 Aspirating Syringe

Documenting objects from The Hunt Show:

Object Acquisition # 77-131.2.5 Aspirating Syringe
Object Interpreted and Statement by Maria Cardenas

I was completely and utterly excited about this project, and then I saw my chosen object…excitement turned to fear. How can I find inspiration from an object that inflicts pain? 

The Brass Aspirating Syringe was beautifully crafted in 1887 - how could I not be inspired by a 124 year old piece of medical equipment? I had to find another way to fully embrace this distinctive device. 

No one I know enjoys the prospect of being injected. But it is a necessary and vital part of everyone’s life medically today, just as it was more than a century ago. How do you feel when faced with physical or emotional pain? How do you cope with it, knowing it’s coming and inevitable? 

What allows me to endure and cope during these moments – is the simple ability to breathe. This brings me great solitude, deep breathing, slow and steady.  

Curators Note: Complete Beauty... The simplicity of breath.

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