Friday, August 19, 2011

Object Acquisition # 77- 41.1.2 Einhorn Saccharometer

Documenting objects from The Hunt Show:

Object Acquisition # 77- 41.1.2 Einhorn Saccharometer
Object interpreted and Statement by Amanda Pentzak

The Einhorn Saccharometer is a device used to determine the gravity and density of sugar in a liquid solution. Though first used in making wine, sorbet, and ice-cream, it later became the primary way to test blood sugar, and diagnose diabetes.       
The Saccharometer made it possible to prefect the indulgence of sugar, while also identifying illness caused by that very same knowledge. I wanted to play with the sense of duality the object possessed.
Dolly Dimples was known as "The World's Most Beautiful Fat Lady". She was one of  the most popular sideshow performers at the Ringling Brothers circus. While well over 500lbs. Dolly had many suitors and was quite glamorous. I was inspired by circus prints and the structure of the sugar molecule and human blood cells. I wanted my materials and color palette to reflect her personality. A portrait of Dolly, and her life on display. 


Dolly detail 

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