Sunday, January 3, 2021

nine = one - Oregon Art Supply show for January/ February 2021

Mixed Media Collage $200


nine = one




Five artist + nine canvases = one challenge




Five local artists: 

Rebecca Mannheimer
Zoe Cohen
Ann Hamilton
Jenny Gray
Beth I. Robinson

answered the challenge of taking a grid of nine 8”x 8” panels. The goal in these unprecedented times was to create a work of art that can both stand as one whole piece and nine individual pieces at the same time. 


Every winter this group of artists exhibits work created as a response to a specific prompt. These artists meet the summer to select a set of parameters, in essence a design challenge. Part of the idea of working with strict limitations is paradoxical. Setting limitations actually allows the artists great creativity in problem solving and they grow as artists by challenging themselves in this way. It brings a sense of continuity as the works naturally relate to each other while creating camaraderie.


ONE -  Mixed media Collage $200

TWO -  Mixed media Collage $200

THREE - Mixed media Collage $200

FOUR - Mixed media Collage $200

FIVE - Mixed media Collage $200

SIX - Mixed media Collage $200

SEVEN- Mixed media Collage $200

EIGHT- Mixed media Collage $200

NINE- Mixed media Collage $200


Or for Nine = $1350

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