Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Barberini Tapestries

When I am not in the studio, I am the art conservator 
at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 
on the University of Oregon Campus.

Last year at the museum, we installed the Barberini Tapestries
During the course of my own studies I spent some time in Italy 
right after the death of my father, John. There I learned about conservation, 
art as a dispute resolution tool and how to mend a broken heart.
I often think about my time there and hope to return.

Recently, I was able to meet up with some local artists and 
discuss the experience our prep team had and how 
wonderful it was to work with the conservators from 
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. 

Me & Clancy, our new intern for 2017 -18

The amazing JSMA Prep crew with the 
wonderful conservators from 
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Barberini Bees

Bev Soasey and others enjoying
 the richness of 17 c. Italian Style

My fav the "Adoration of the Magi"

Thank you for coming by amazing art ladies!

The Tapestries are only up until Jan. 21st.

Can't come in person check out this interactive 
online learning experience created by the 
University of Oregon's Geography and Campus GIS Office.

Exciting project to work on!


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