Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Object Acquisition # 77-1.1.34 Amputation Kit

Documenting objects from The Hunt Show:

Object Acquisition # 77-1.1.34 Amputation Kit
Object interpreted and Statement by Amanda Wall-Graf

"Phantom Limb"

A majority of amputees suffer from Phantom Limb Syndrome: while their appendage may be severed, their brain has not yet caught up to the current situation. They can still feel their missing limb, itching, getting wet or, more often than not, in pain. It's there, but not quite right.

I was inspired by the disquieting amputation kit in OHSU's collection to make a piece that explored the aftermath of such trauma. "Phantom Limb" considers the relationship between the lost extremity and the neural networks that must renegotiated.

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