Saturday, July 17, 2010

Work Accepted into the Autumn Bailliwik

Bailliwik is the Middle English spelling of the word 
bailiwick – n. an area of activity in which somebody has
particular responsibility, or in which he or she has 
specialized knowledge or ability. 

Bailliwik is an organization of artists whose purpose is to create a periodic 
publication of their work with an online showing.

Thank you Surabhi & Rob for including 
Shadowlands & Seeing by Skull Light 
in the 08 - Autumn 10 issue.


bearskin rug said...


Bess said...

Shucks... Thanks for the whole hearted congrats

Dena said...

Now this is what I call a blog!

OMG Beth this is amazing, I love you ideas on this blog, I will take notes and try to become as sweet as a blog as this.

I love all the images and all the work you are doing.

Keep it up my only friend from Jersey in the World!

I miss you!

Bess said...

Sweet Dena..

Thank you.. Its just me being me.. i love watching new blogs come together as folks find their voice. Your are off to a great start... I guarantee .. I miss you guys 2.. Take a plane anytime u wanta see OReegun.. Looking forward to seeing what u do..