Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flaming Skull - A Lesson not to be Forgotten

Flaming Skull with Forget-Me-Nots
7.25" x 9.25" printed on Heavy weight paper 
mounted to black Stonehenge

"This is based on a folk tale about a girl named Vasalisa and her journey back from the dark forest where she was sent to die by her step mother and sisters. In the forest she encounters the Hag Goddess who sees she has been blessed by her deceased mother. Disgusted by such goodness and to rid of the girl, the hag gives her a flaming skull to help her. (This story is a mix of Hansel and Gretel with Cinderella. But no Prince.) Once back home, the skull watches the step family and sees their murderous aspects then burns them to ashes.

This image is the moment on the journey she almost
 throws the skull away but it reassures her.
"Don't throw me away. Keep me. You'll see."
Seeing things by skull light is not forgiving: 
the old are elderly; the beautiful, lush; 
the silly, foolish; the unfaithful are infidels... 
yet things that are amazing become miracles. 
She is thinking of the pain it causes 
to know about self, 
others and 
the nature of the world.

The skull is thought to be the dome which houses a powerful remnant of the departed soul... one which, if asked, can call the entire spirit of the dead person back for a time in order to be consulted. Taking on the power to see and affect others is to receive the skull. Looking at one's life situations in this new light is finding the way back from the forest. She is then enabled to understand awesome and conscious power, her own and that of others. 
No more "But I'm afraid of him/her/it."

This information is from the book 
"Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.d.
Please support her work@: www.mavenproductions.com/etes.html
This book was given to me by a nun on my own journey
 from Portland to my home in Eugene. 
I stopped at Mt. Angel to light a candle. 

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