Thursday, October 30, 2008

fishy fishy fish ...

 14.5" x 18" Printed on William Tuner Paper, Collage Mixed Media, 
Digital and Drawing Materials

The name "humuhumu", the first part of the Hawaiian word used for all tiggerfishes, may mean something close to "fit pieces together". This could refer to the way some of the species' color patterns resemble blocks of colors. 

According to my horoscope I am at a crossroads.

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Sharon McBride Camarda said...

Hello dear Beth. I am now a subscriber to your blog and have an automatic button on my iGoogle to your site. We are linked! I love the new work, and that I can click it and see it BIG. It is essential to fully appreciate the fine details and layering of your work. You have definitely hooked this fishy, fishy Pisces girl.