Sunday, September 7, 2008

Leaping Formidable Rapids

This is a work in progress entry for the Artistic Alchemy Exhibition presented by Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center. Lets hope it makes it in. Alchemy is a centuries-old interdisciplinary practice that combines various sciences, philosophy and spiritual quest. Scholars sought to explore the true nature of nature while experimenting with ways to change one substance into another.

"Leaping Formidable Rapids"- In the Far East, the Carp symbolizes perseverance and success owning to its ability to leap formidable rapids. Its armorlike scales are linked to valor; In Japan it is a symbol of the Samurai and of courage. I feel the Samurai is the perfect alchemist.
* Dedicated to the Knight of Cups: I know you will do well this year.*

18" x 14.5" Printed on William Turner Paper, Collage Mixed Media, Digital and Drawing Materials.

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