Monday, August 18, 2008

The Apples of Discord, age 25 : The Third Image

The third piece, The Apples of Discord, age 25.... Also about 4'x5'.... was revealed on a field trip with another of my mates, Cyan. She was looking for chairs to cut apart and reconstruct. While she looked, I flipped through a book of do-it-yourself projects. It almost felt like the floor shook when my most mischievous character appeared. She is a mixture of the gods Loki and Mercury with elements of my brother Jake. She is also a messenger carrying the golden apples of passion and destiny to the most beautiful. Not only is Cyan light hearted, silly, a little naughty and unafraid of her destiny, she holds the same passion I saw in my brother, Jacob.

Printed on William Turner Paper, Collage Mixed Media, Digital and Drawing Materials.

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