Friday, April 15, 2011

Washington D.C

Last month I took a trip. 
As you can tell I love history.
 History helps me to understand 
where people have been before me, 
how they choose to solve their problems
 and how it has effected our world today. 
It also helps me to think that just maybe
 they had some of the same problems 
we are dealing with today and 
they made it through.

The new National Museum of the Native American Indian
Is a wonderful and thoughtful place.

The wampum is a record of events... or a book...

Then I Walked across the Mall to 
the American History Museum:

Ruby Slippers 
every girl should have a pair

Stumbled into an Excellent Pop Up Book Show!

Stopped @ Julia Child's Kitchen for a chat -

Had dinner with Julia...

"Julia, I can not thank you enough for making 
my mother into a wonderful cook," I said.

Then I went and paid my respects...

Arlington Cemetery

The Tomb of the Unknown

and left with wise words to carry home...

I went to my favorite look out 
the old post office...

It is the tallest building in Washington, 
as it was built before the Capitol. 
After the Capitol was finished
 no building would be taller. 
It is the best view and the least crowded.

I wished I could have been there to 
witness the bell ringers in action.

And lastly, one more late night stroll...

with the sound of someone else returning 
to the White House... after a long day.

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